A Brief Overview of the Relationship between History and Digital Humanities: Its Benefits, Challenges and Implications for the Future of Historical Research and Education

Usman Al-amin

Affiliation: Department of History, University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria

Keywords: History, Digital Humanities, Benefits, Challenges, Historical Research, Implications

Categories: News and Views, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

Languages: English

The relationship between digital humanities and history has gained significant attention in recent years. Digital humanities, an interdisciplinary field that utilizes technology to explore humanities research questions, has offered historians new ways to approach their subject matter. Through the use of digital tools and methods, historians have been able to analyze and visualize large amounts of data, digitize primary sources, and create new forms of scholarly communication. This abstract explores the ways in which digital humanities have impacted historical research, highlighting the benefits and challenges of this new approach. It also discusses the implications of this relationship for the future of historical scholarship and the ways in which digital humanities may continue to shape the field.

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