COVID-19 in Kosovo: Point from an Urbanite

Bujar Q. Bajçinovci, Mejreme Bajçinovci

Affiliation: University of Prishtina, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kosovo.

Keywords: COVID-19, Kosovo, Urbanite, Public Health, Lifestyle

Categories: News and Views, Visual Arts, Architecture and Design

DOI: 10.17160/josha.7.3.685

Languages: English

In the continuum of evolution and adaptation of living organisms, ranging from microorganisms to human beings, there are certain cycles of time that carry with its cardinal changes that human beings must face and find the possible public health solutions. The new millennium brings with it a new public health, and public order issues, thus, manifestation completely a new urban lifestyle. Therefore, we have come into a situation where a number of questions need to be raised about the necessity of redefining many daily life habits. The comments presented in this paper investigated the COVID-19 phenomenon in Kosovo, from urbanites point of view, where to many urban habits and lifestyle are being radically changed in the front of new contagious disease. Focusing on the urban lifestyle, public health, public order, high education, and possible urban depressions related to the quarantine conditions. How we came in this situation in first place! Affecting the entire globe in a month-s! From the middle of the March, when new Public Health measures has been started, Kosovars has reacted with great awareness and discipline, thus, contributing to the Public Health and Public Order wellbeing, never seeing this discipline before. The current, and possible future state of Public Health in Kosovo are more or less as the pandemic situation of the Balkans.

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