Keywords: night, literature, dream, fly, Clara, moon

Categories: DEMETRIOS Literary Works

DOI: 10.17160/josha.4.4.343

Languages: English

This article is part of a series of short stories published in the Journal of Science, Humanities and Arts by the young author Zazie-Charlotte Pfeiffer, who received the "Jean-Paul“ Award in 2013 and the "Tom Sawyer" Award in 2012 for her work. She already published two short stories in JOSHA: "Prom Night" (published in Volume 4, Issue 1/English) and "Nachts" (published in Volume 4, Issue 2/German). The following story is written in English. Special thanks to Theodora Pfeiffer for supporting this publication by proof-reading! What are we afraid of? Is it the idea of leaving our usual paths? Is it uncertainty or simply the acceptance that we can never have complete control over everything? Clara lives between the worlds of acceptance, uncertainty, and control without being part of any of them. In this special night, she meets someone from another world. Someone who can fly like a bird. Someone who is brave enough to dream. Someone who makes her feel less alone. Someone special...

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