History of the German philology in Argentina (Chapter 7 ) - GESCHICHTE DER ARGENTINISCHEN GERMANISTIK

Lila Bujaldon de Esteves

Affiliation: CONICET (Nationaler Rat für wissenschaftliche und technologische Forschung), UNCUYO (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo), Argentina.

Keywords: History, Authors, Literature, Argentina, Germany, Günther Ballin, Werner Bock, Ilse Brugger.

Categories: DEMETRIOS Literary Works, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.2.537

Languages: German

This study of the history of German philology in Argentina describes and analyses the period of time between the Revolution of May 1810, which means after the independence of Argentina from Spain, and the 1950s. The study has its focus on the history of the degree program of the University of Buenos Aires. We are going to read about the first professors of German literature at the University in chapter four, five and six. This last chapter is about Exil und Germanistik in Argentinien, more specific about German and Spanish exiled scholars of the thirties at Argentine universities. Life and work of the exiled Germanist Günther Ballin (1909-1982), Werner Bock (1893-1962) and Ilse M. de Brugger (1908-1995).

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